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At Tides Psychology, we are experienced in helping people work through a variety of life experiences, including various disorders and even depression.

Counselling with a psychologist is more affordable than most people realise, with possible rebates from Medicare or private health. With a Doctor’s referral you may be eligible for a $89.65 Medicare rebate leaving an out of pocket expense of just $100.35 for most sessions.


Sessions last 50mins. Fees are $190 per session. Cancellation fees without 24 hours notice $50.


To claim a Medicare rebate for up to 20 sessions under a Mental Health Care plan referral is required completed by your General Practitioner or Psychiatrist. 


Contactless billing via credit card. Payment is required at the end of each consultation. If claiming the medicare rebate this will be completed at the time of payment.

Private Health Cover

Varies according to your fund and coverage.


Counselling and Psychology can sometimes feel clinical and impersonal. We do things differently. We offer a range of services to provide you with support for your unique needs.

We believe that therapy is for everyone; for issues big and small, and everything in between.

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